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Ukrainian women living outside Ukraine continue to unite around the International Initiative ‘United Women’! The Netherlands.



On 11 May 2024, in the picturesque city of Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands), Ukrainian women got acquainted with the International Initiative ‘United Women’.

The purpose of the meeting is to unite Ukrainian women in the Netherlands who are actively involved in public activities and promote the ideas of peace, security and social justice.

It is very symbolic that this meeting was held on the eve of International Mother's Day. Participants had the opportunity to discuss the most important issues affecting their lives, the lives and protection of children and to jointly seek ways to achieve success, exchange ideas, best practices and resources.

More than 60 representatives of business, volunteer organisations, teachers, psychologists, mothers with many children and young people gathered to express their desire to work together, support each other, jointly implement projects and initiatives, promote Ukrainian identity, introduce Ukrainian culture and traditions to the European community, help them integrate and adapt to new realities.

The Dutch women's community joins the United Women International Initiative! At the meeting, the United Women Declaration was supported and signed.

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