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An initiative that

unites women

around the world

who oppose all forms of violence, war and human suffering for peacemaking and aggregation of efforts to achieve peace and peaceful dialogue for the benefit of a common future.


We are doing everything to achieve a world where the position and opinion of women and women's organizations are taken into account in moderation, regulation and prevention of geopolitical events.


  • Recognition of the value of peace and peaceful conflict resolution as the only possible format for human interaction

  • Promotion of conflict resolution and creation of conditions for peace and justice based on dialogue, peacemaking and promotion of mutual understanding
  • Recognition of the contribution and competence of women, the importance of women's participation in building peace, security and resolving geopolitical issues

Areas of activity

Get off the break – life goes on!

Get off the break – life goes on!

To promote and create conditions for the adaptation and self-realization of women around the world

Together we are a force!

Together we are a force!

Education on the power of women's unity, cooperation, community development, work on joint projects and initiatives

Women's Voice in Opposing War

Women's Voice in Opposing War

Support for women's leadership in countering war, international advocacy among women's organizations and platforms


Kasyan Iryna

Economist, former consultant to the Verkhovna Rada Committee, director of a consulting company on regulatory policy and business protection in Ukraine, public figure. Place of birth: Donetsk, Ukraine

Olga Yevert

Private businessman since 2001, member of the District Council of Kherson of the VII convocation, expert of the TV programme "Ukraine Speaks", juror of the Kherson City Court, public figure, volunteer. Place of birth: Kherson, Ukraine

Maria Naboka

Founder of the Wings of Kindness fund for war victims

Olena Nikolayenko

Head of the Council of Large Families of Ukraine, Head of the Council of Mothers of Ukraine, Head of the JCI Ukraine Senate, UNICEF Project Manager, Mother Heroine, Speaker of International Projects. Place of birth: Odesa, Ukraine

Alla Korotkova

Attorney at law, member of the National Bar Council (Kharkiv), works to protect women's rights. Place of birth: Kharkiv, Ukraine

Svetlana Naumenko

Psychologist, coach, co-founder of UkraineNow.ch and Vice President of the Ukrainian-Swiss Foundation VIDNOVA. Place of birth: Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tarasenko Olesya

Founder of the Ukrainian-Swiss Foundation VIDNOVA, UA-DO Schule and ProksJob Verein. Owner of several media outlets and the Ukrainians in Switzerland project. Advisor to the Head of the Association of Employers of Ukraine. Place of birth: Kyiv, Ukraine

Kateryna Radchenko

PhD researcher at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, expert of the UNESCO Working Groups on Education Transformation and the Refugee Agency's Youth Network, founder of projects to promote the Sustainable Development Goals, Master of International Business and Law.

Marina Kapustina

Lawyer, mediator, director of Fond na podporu Ukrajincov. Place of birth: Yevpatoria, Ukraine

Lilia Mamutova

Absolute European Hairdressing Champion. Included in the top five best masters of the world in the field of Hair Extensions (Milan, Italy). Coach of the national team and Judge of international competitions. Multiple Winner of Hairdressing Championships. Creator of the author's innovative bio-technology. Founder of the School of hairdressing, Academy of Hair Extensions and Hair Factory. Place of birth: Dnipro, Ukraine

Tatiana Isaeva

Founder of the Novator school. Lecturer at the Women Insight Women's Centre. Place of birth: Kharkiv, Ukraine

Galina Fyut

Head of the Social and Family Affairs Committee of the Public Council under the Odesa Military Administration, Head of the Family Law Enforcement Club "Odesa Dream", Social Ambassador at Business Incubator Group Ukraine, English teacher of the highest category, NUS coach. Place of birth: Odesa, Ukraine

Olena Artemenko

Mother Heroine, winner of the contest "Golden Fund of Odesa - Women of Odesa", Odesa regional contest "Woman of the Year 2012", Odesa regional contest of social projects "Social Centre for Mother and Child", All-Ukrainian project "Successful Woman". Place of birth: Odesa, Ukraine

Iryna Goshko

Organiser of the first medical volunteer centre in Varen for Ukrainian refugees.

Lydia Solodovnikova

A mother of many children, public figure, head of the Odesa City Council of Large Families, coordinator of the international project "Weeks of Good Deeds", member of the board of trustees of the executive committee in Odesa. Place of birth: Odesa, Ukraine

Olga Bon

Blogger, model, content creator, former commercial director of a company.

Victoria Dyakova

Head of the All-Ukrainian Association of Maccabi Organisations. Place of birth: Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Olga Tylchik

Doctor of Law, Professor, since July 2022 - Visiting Professor at the University of Barcelona and Professor at the State Tax University, expert of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, author of monographs and more than 110 scientific articles, including those in foreign scientific publications, supervisor of PhD students

Anzhelika Zhukova

Master of Psychology, Teacher, NLP Trainer and Consultant, Member of the Association of Psychiatrists of Ukraine, Head of the Assembly of Peace and Creativity, Member of the Board of the Alliance for Child Protection, Coordinator of the Public Headquarters of IDPs “Commonwealth” in Odesa (2014-2022).

Olena Samoilova

Founder of the NGO Child Protection Center, chairman of the Board of the Alliance for the Protection of Children's Rights, ambassador of the English Women's Club Quality Connections Club in London.

Anastasia Petrenko

Coach, Head of the Mercy Charity Initiative, winner of the 2018 Person of the Year and 2019 Young Person of the Year awards, Winner of the nomination "Volunteer of the Year 2014-2022" Founder of the SCL Women's Club, motivator, blogger, international speaker. Place of birth: Sloviansk, Ukraine


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