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The first forum of the United Woman International Initiative was held in Germany



On 18 May 2024, the ancient city of Nuremberg (Bavaria, Germany) hosted a meeting of Ukrainian women leaders ‘Together We Are Strong’ as part of the UNITED WOMEN International Initiative.

The event brought together Ukrainian women living in the north of the German state of Bavaria.

The meeting was aimed at uniting Ukrainian women, breaking stereotypes and presenting Ukrainian women to the world as modern, efficient, professional and successful. It was also aimed at creating a communication platform to unite the efforts of outstanding individuals and NGOs to implement joint projects and initiatives.

More than 40 representatives of business, volunteer organisations, women teachers, doctors, representatives of culture and other sectors gathered to express their support and desire to work together.

The issues raised by the event speakers are very important and relevant. These include peace, security, social justice, healthcare, education, culture, business, jobs, integration and adaptation of women and children in German society.

The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to take part in a training and a masterclass on the importance of uniting, establishing communication and support.

The UNITED WOMEN event ‘Together We Are Strong’ has become an important platform for communication, learning and exchange of experience for Ukrainian women in Bavaria. This event not only inspired the participants to new achievements, but also highlighted the importance of women's leadership in the modern world.

We thank our Ukrainian women in Germany for their interesting and inspiring stories and constructive suggestions!

We are glad that such meetings inspire and unite, do not leave us alone with our thoughts and problems, give us the incentive and desire to live, work and move forward together!

Because together we are strong!

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