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The international initiative ‘United Women’ continues to unite Ukrainian women living outside Ukraine.



On 19 April 2024, in the beautiful city of Reus (Catalonia, Spain), Ukrainian women living in Spain were introduced to the United Women initiative.

More than 40 representatives of business, volunteer organisations, NGOs, women educators, doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists, social workers and other sectors gathered to express their support and desire to work together, support each other, jointly implement projects and initiatives, promote Ukrainian identity, introduce the European community to Ukrainian culture and traditions, help them integrate and adapt to new realities.

Thank you, our Ukrainian women in Spain, for your interesting and inspiring stories, constructive suggestions for joint activities, support and assistance to each other. We are glad that such meetings inspire and unite, do not leave us alone with our thoughts and problems, give us the incentive and desire to live, work and move forward together!

Because together we are strong!

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